Seaport Gordian Energy
Financial Restructuring and M&A Service

Seaport Gordian Energy ("SGE") has been formed as joint venture between Seaport Global Securities ("SGS" or "Seaport") and Gordian Group, drawing collectively on decades of experience in both the energy and financial restructuring spaces.

SGE’s unique mission is to create and/or preserve value for the owners and managers of energy companies faced with capital structure challenges. A key factor in being true to our mission is that SGE does not represent financial creditors; this enables SGE alone to render un-conflicted, creative and effective advice to management, sponsors and Boards in its target market.

The vast majority of distressed energy companies are sold or reorganized solely for the benefit of creditors and other stakeholders. In contrast, SGE works to advantage shareholders – especially when it appears there is not enough value to go around – while seeking to protect boards of directors and management teams.

SGE’s target clients are the management teams, Boards and owners of financially-challenged energy companies (sponsors, family offices and public shareholders).

Please contact Michael Bodino or Michael Schmidt directly if you have any questions or would like to set up a call or a meeting.