Rigorous analysis and actionable insights for superior results

Research is at the nexus of what we do at Seaport Global. Our research team includes over 20 analysts covering over 600 companies. Our equity research team specializes in the energy value chain, including oil & gas exploration & production, oilfield services, midstream/MLPs, industrials, shipping and chemicals. Our debt research team provides insights and ideas across all credit products including distressed, high yield and investment grade, and covers various sectors including financial, industrials, chemicals, retail, energy, technology, and emerging markets.

Our research team conducts thought-provoking research and analyses which our fixed income and equity sales and trading professionals use to educate and guide our clients. Clients benefit from our proprietary research to make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities across financial markets and asset classes. Clients also gain unique insights derived from independent market intelligence and the latest trends shaping today’s financial markets.

Seaport Global’s market analysis provides clients with depth, value and perspective.

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