Our commitment is to providing workplace opportunities to connect, contribute and advance.

As a company, we owe our success to the wide diversity of experiences and perspectives that our employees bring to their work. In the midst of a performance-driven environment, we want to ensure that everyone finds recognition, encouragement, and support.

Employees and clients thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect — a workplace where everyone looks out for everyone else, feels empowered to learn and grow, and knows that they are treated fairly. Leadership remains engaged and involved in the everyday life of our organization, committed to creating a positive, affirming, and inclusive environment guided by five key pillars:


– Build and promote an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, teamwork and innovation.


– Attract, develop, engage, advance and retain a high-performing workforce that reflects a diverse community.


– Ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded into the way we do business.


– Establish effective methods to drive accountability, track progress and measure milestones.


– Position ourselves as a leader in the industry, employer of choice and contributor to the community.

“The culture is entrepreneurial but inclusive. There’s a serious commitment to fairness and integrity.”

– Victor Kurylak

“The culture is entrepreneurial but inclusive. There’s a serious commitment to fairness and integrity.”

– Victor Kurylak


We believe it’s important for us to share our strengths and look to the future. Seaport Global is proud to sponsor internal and external mentorship initiatives, designed to promote professional development, a spirit of inclusion, and greater workplace diversity.

Our external mentorship program reaches out to high school students with an early interest in our industry, exposing them to our business and workplace, helping them develop relationships, and giving them a foundation to build on. Our goal is to create a pathway to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive financial industry.

Internal mentorships provide personalized support from colleagues at critical points along the career path, helping to strengthen the firm from within, empower our existing Seaport family, and contribute to our unique corporate culture.