Exceptional idea generation, full-service trading and in-depth post trade analytics.

Specialty Equities

The Seaport options team combines sharp market perception and a keen understanding of each client’s fundamental viewpoint to structure option trades that seek superior risk-adjusted returns.

We bring unrivaled expertise to analytics and strategy – evaluating volatility, price targets, event timing and conviction levels; identifying potential catalysts; and actively analyzing option positions. Monitoring real time exposure, greeks and P&L positions enables us to develop strategies for clients that reshape the traditional linear P&L curve.

We never take our eyes off the market, finding opportunistic trades and proactively recommending hedges, volatility trades, repair strategies and overwriting programs linked to our assessment of news, earnings and other triggers.

By vigilantly monitoring exposure levels and underlying equity or volatility changes, we can recommend adjustments that ensure our strategies stay true to our client’s risk/reward profile.

Event Driven and Merger Arbitrage

The Seaport Event Driven sales and trading desk is an industry-leading group of seasoned professionals, bringing more than 80 years of experience to servicing clients. The group actively monitors and assists clients in optimally structuring positions around merger arbitrage and event driven trading opportunities across North America.

The desk’s multidisciplinary service offering combines antitrust, regulatory and litigation expertise with trading and business-level insight to assist clients in navigating this diverse opportunity set. The event desk is active in both listed equities and listed options, and works closely with Seaport’s leading fixed income department in the trading of companies involved in transactions.

“We have a sales team that’s larger than anybody out there. We have connectivity with everyone.”

– Michael Meyer

“We have a sales team that’s larger than anybody out there. We have connectivity with everyone.”

– Michael Meyer


Our equity research team specializes consumer, energy, financials, fintech, healthcare, industrials, materials, SPACs, utilities and power sectors. As a division of Seaport Global Securities LLC, Seaport Research Partners is an innovative, independent equity research platform where top-ranked analysts provide investment research to a to a select group of institutional clients.

Seaport Research Partners is distinguished by exclusive access and tailored sales coverage, as well as multi-sector and niche industry conferences, C-level marketing and interactive expert events. Established analysts deliver high-quality, alpha-generating content that gives Seaport clients an edge.

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Our equity traders focus on identifying liquidity in US, Canadian and European markets to gain a pricing advantage for our clients, and source multiple liquidity providers to create and maintain client anonymity.

Seaport combines cutting-edge technologies and street-wise acumen to access available liquidity pools, executing orders that meet or exceed client trading goals. We offer FIX connectivity and OASYS allocations to our clients, and we clear transactions through Merrill Lynch Broadcort.

Upon execution, contracts are maintained at Seaport’s safekeeping account. We pair off escrow against option positions and hold the options at Seaport until the client position is closed or options are exercised.