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Proprietary, independent market intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. Our sales and trading professionals use thought-provoking research and analyses to educate and guide our clients, who benefit from unique insights across financial markets and asset classes.

Fixed Income

Starting with a macro view, Seaport’s research effort includes overall corporate credit market and sector strategies, as well as global rates strategies. Our focus encompasses bank debt, bonds, CDS, trade claims and, where appropriate, equities. Matchless experience and agility allows us to seamlessly evaluate and transition credit coverage between products as markets dictate.

The fixed income research team at Seaport is unrivaled, comprised of Institutional Investor-ranked analysts with multiple citations in major business media. With expertise covering every corner and sector of the market, including finance, industrial, retail, energy and technology, we provide invaluable insight and analysis of the most complex credits.

Clients are interested in our point of view because we track big-picture market intelligence and emerging trends, and we cover names and issuers that aren’t usually on the radar for our clients. Comprehensive analytics and sophisticated modeling tools reveal unexpected opportunities — Seaport analysts cut through the noise to present clients with the information that’s relevant, meaningful and actionable.

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As a division of Seaport Global Securities LLC, Seaport Research Partners is an innovative, independent equity research platform where top-ranked analysts provide exclusive investment research to a limited audience. Tailored sales coverage, deep bespoke analysis and high-quality, alpha-generating content give Seaport clients an edge, along with multi-sector and niche industry conferences, C-level marketing and interactive expert events.

Our broad and growing coverage includes consumer, energy, financials, fintech, healthcare, industrials, materials, SPACs, utilities and power sectors.