October 20, 2022, New York, NY — Seaport Global was honored for its strategic partnership with the New Heights Organization during the GameChangers Gala on October 20th at their Major Owens Center facility in Brooklyn, NY.

As a part of the New Heights strategy, Seaport designed strategic phases to educate and create opportunities for their young people. Seaport Global is appreciative of this honor and will continue to develop and delivered financial workshops in Q1 2023 while structuring and implementing a one-on-one mentorship program.

Ted Smith, Executive Director of New Heights said “This year, we are excited to spotlight a Corporate GameChanger, Seaport Global, at the 6th annual GameChangers Ball. Seaport Global is a tremendous New Heights partner and has made a significant impact on our youth, not only through financial support but also employee volunteering and engagement.

As part of New Heights’ strategy to expose its program participants to new people, ideas and experiences that broaden their understanding of the world and help them develop stronger communication and interpersonal skills, New Heights partnered with Seaport Global to help design and deliver workshops on financial literacy.”